Reviews: Multimedia Internship in the Amazon

Environmental journalism training in the remote Amazon rainforest with Crees: Discover what it's really like from the people who've been and done it.


"I've been back in England a few days now and wishing I was back in Peru. I just want to say thank you for such an incredible experience. I had the best time in the jungle, met some incredible people and learnt more than I could of hoped. Crees is something really special. Thank you."


- Lindsay O'Brien, Multimedia Intern, September 2017




"Before I came to Manu, I was a total beginner at photography and video editing. Now I have made my own short movie and encountered lots of jungle species. Such experiences really surprised me. My mentors, Bethan and Eilidh, are really good people and encouraged me a lot; they are patient and hard working. All the staff at the Manu Learning Centre are very kind and passionate; they are very generous with their time and helped answer all my questions."


- Junya Xie, Multimedia Intern, September 2017




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