Reviews: volunteering in the Amazon Rainforest

Conservation volunteering in the remote Amazon rainforest with Crees: Discover what it's really like from the people who've been and done it.


"It was an incredible experience. The staff are professional, know the jungle perfectly and really transmit their passion. They are really fun. The other volunteers are wonderful people with whom friendship is installed. I loved the simplicity and ambience of the MLC camp. The forest is just perfect. With lovely animals and incredibly environment. Just amazing. Thank you for this enriching adventure."


- Naëlle Laymajoux. May 14, 2017




"The place exudes happiness. The entire experience was unbelievable. You'll meet some genuinely interesting and special people who will teach you things about the environment, about their own experiences and about yourself. I feel I could have stayed there for ages. I'm very envious of anyone looking into volunteering here, you WILL love it."


- Benedict Tse-Laurence. May 5, 2017




"This project is fantastic. You actually help so much on the surveys and are so useful. The people who work there are so inspiring and I have a whole new respect for the natural world and now consider myself a conservationist. The wildlife is insane and the accommodation is phenomenal. I stayed 6 weeks and felt I could have stayed a lot longer. Just do it."


- Amelia Spackman. May 23, 2017




"Such a great trip, learnt a lot about the rainforest while having the time of your life, what more could you ask for."


- Charlie Maw. October 21, 2016




"As a volunteer for the Crees Foundation, staying at the MLC was just a fabulous experience. I can recommend it to both other volunteers and tourists, both of whom can know that their time spent at the MLC is literally contributing to scientific knowledge! During my month here I was certainly happy to have hot showers (a luxury afforded to us when tourists are visiting), flushing toilets, and fabulous meals. The scientific surveys would occupy most of my day but they were so rewarding as you would see species you couldn't have imagined being able to see in the wild.


- Daniel T. July 20, 2016




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