Reviews: Wildlife watching ecotours to the Amazon

Discover what it's like to visit the most biodiverse place on the planet, Manu Rainforest, on a wildlife-watching tour that's led by conservation experts.


"Huge thanks to all at CREES for making my visit to the Manu Learning Centre so very special. It's been an absolute highlight of The Life Cycle biodiversity bamboo bike ride .... I learned a huge amount about the rainforest, the conservation challenges that face it and, above all, the solutions: and had some wonderful guided walks through one of the most biodiverse places on earth. If you get a chance to visit, whether as a tourist, intern or volunteer DO IT!!!"


- Dr Kate Rawles, October 2017




"I was lucky enough to be shown one of the most extraordinary places on the planet, super abundant with wildlife and where you can go days and not see another person, a combination that makes it paradise for a birder and wildlife enthusiast [...]


The Manu Road is revered by birders around the world, for all those who haven’t been its a bucket list destination and for those who have, all they talk about is wanting to go back. The excitement comes from not knowing what species you are going to find next, it could be a drop dead gorgeous colourful Tanager or a brown and elusive woodcreeper, it doesn’t matter, its the thrill in not knowing."


- Brian Egan from the Rare Bird Alert, the UK's leading birdnews service. May, 2017




"My wife and I have just returned from three magical weeks in Peru. It was the most varied, interesting, exciting and at times challenging holiday imaginable.


We stayed in Cusco, the Sacred Valley and Machu Picchu but our final week saw us disappear deep into Manu's Amazon jungle, expertly guided by Jose Antonio, Peru's top bird guide.


We travelled by road, boat and on foot, staying in various jungle lodges along the route. It was quite tough at times (I mean physically for two 70+ year olds!) but extraordinary in so many ways. We viewed magnificent bird life, literally over 300 species, rare and endangered animals all in stunning and unspoilt scenery throughout.


A huge thank you to Crees and their wonderful staff for their seamless organisation and for making this unforgettable holiday possible."


- Adrian and Gilly Stone, May 2017




The trip exceeded my expectations, I can't praise Ricardo (our guide) highly enough - he is incredibly knowledgeable, shares his knowledge generously, clearly loves his job, is very patient and is great fun to be with. I want to see more of Peru, and I want to work with Peruvian primatologists!


- Jo Setchel, September 2016




Wonderful memories, I know have an enhanced understanding of the rainforest and a desire to return!


- Vivien Kent, September 2016




“You can go to many places in the Amazon with lodges, guides and tours but I think this is a really special place here. You don' feel like a tourist, you rather feel like a guest. It's a little like the Big Bang Theory in the jungle.


What I really love is that the young people here are extremely passionate about their work, so whether it's reptiles or bats or whatever, you can learn so much from them. For our kids, it's good for them to see that. The girls expected old hairy researchers with glasses and instead they get a bunch of young energetic people, who are just like them but a little but older. For me, as a mother, it's good role modelling for them.”


- Margrit Lelieveld, July 2016




The entire Manu experience was excellent - so thanks again for recommending and organising for us. The highlight perhaps was seeing a puma crossing the river just in front of us during the boat ride back from the MLC - don't see one of those every day...


- Robert Perry, September 2015




We had a fabulous time in Peru! Loved every minute of it! Very well organised and ran like clockwork, so thanks for making that happen. All our guides and drivers were great. Ronald knows EVERYTHING and is so sweet. We loved out time in the rainforest and the MLC is such a beautiful place to stay. Thank you.


- Beale Family, August 2015




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