Our Rainforest

The traditional Amazonian style lodges at the Manu Learning Centre and Romero Rainforest Lodge are set against a beautiful tropical forest backdrop, where charismatic macaws squawk overhead and mischievous monkeys scamper in the canopy. Manu rainforest is the most biodiverse places on Earth. It's time you discovered it...

Crees has two ecotourism sites within Manu rainforest; a research and education hub, the Manu Learning Centre (MLC) and the secluded Romero Rainforest Lodge.


The MLC is based in Manu Biosphere Reserve and it protects regenerating rainforest to provide a safe haven for rare and endangered wildlife


It's home to scientists, conservationists, volunteers and visitors from across the world – brought together for their love of Manu rainforest and their passion to protect it. This is the frontline of conservation.


Travel deeper into the rainforest and you'll find our remote Romero lodge, harboured within the famous Manu National Park and surrounded by awe-inspiring primary rainforest. This is the heart of the Peruvian Amazon.


By visiting Manu with Crees – as a volunteer, intern, or ecotourist – you'll be led by conservation experts and will learn what it takes to overcome social, economic and political issues to protect the most biodiverse places on Earth.


Not only that, but you will be directly supporting our conservation and community projects that empower the people of Manu through sustainable livelihoods and improved living standards.


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